Residential Building Compliance

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Before you decide to buy a residential property or pay your building contractor for a new build for either personal use or rental purposes, we highly recommend considering our services to assess and provide a detailed report on the building’s compliance status.

Building Compliance Reports cover the full range of issues within a building from building defects / non-compliance issues covering safety matters which should not be ignored.

Buildings that do not meet compliance standards can result in loss of value to your asset during your ownership and / or when you choose to sell your property.

Buildings that do not meet compliance in relation to safety issues pose a safety hazard to you, your family, or potential tenants. Moreover, they may lead to the invalidation of insurance claims and could result in negligence or liability claims in case of accidents. By obtaining a Residential Building Compliance report, you can have confidence that your property adheres to the latest residential tenancy laws and building codes, especially concerning areas such as pools, window safety, balconies, and more.

In the case of apartments, non-compliance issues may be the responsibility of the Owners Corporation to rectify. Having a Residential Building Compliance report will enable you to ensure they acknowledge and address the associated costs.

Our assessment focuses on the following critical aspects of the building:

  • Building defects within the core fabric of the build
  • Building defects within the fit-out of your home
  • All external hard and soft landscaping
  • Internal & external Staircases
  • All balustrading
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Pool & Pool Fencing
  • Power Points
  • Safety Switches
  • Gas Fittings
  • Stormwater systems
  • Water distribution
  • Sewer lines

Upon completing our thorough site inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) National Construction Code (NCC) and The Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2017.

Please download our sample report for further details

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