Dilapidation Reports – Up to 3 Sites (Maximum internal floor area 300m2 each site)

What is a Dilapidation Report?

If you are renovating or extending your property, commissioning a dilapidation report is a sensible risk management strategy. A dilapidation report is undertaken on your property and neighbouring properties prior to commencing construction or demolition works.

A dilapidation report protects you from unjust claims made by neighbouring and adjoining properties in relation to the impact on their properties of the demolition and construction of your building project. It is particularly important if your home or building shares common walls or structures or if your contractor is working on Council property where you are exposed to security deposits for roads, footpaths or trees.

The Property Inspectors Dilapidation Report details the existing condition of properties that might be affected by your building project prior to the commencement of any demolition or construction work. It is a photographic report that details the existing condition of any surrounding structures, roads and footpaths prior to ANY building works being carried out. The report itemises each defect found and includes a photo of each defect. The inspector will report on all areas of the building internally and externally, as well as neighbouring properties, roads and footpaths.

A Building Dilapidation Report helps to clarify any issues or problems that may arise from adjoining owners or council claims that building work carried out by you has undermined or damaged their property.

Once the report is complete, it is advised to have all neighbouring parties agree and sign the dilapidation report, PRIOR to any building works commencing.


Dilapidation Reports – Up to 3 Sites (Maximum internal floor area 300m2 each site)

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