End of Lease Condition Report up to 300m2 floor area

Inspections and Reports
Pre and Post-Lease Inspections give landlords and tenants accurate and detailed information on the condition of their property.

Post-lease Inspection
A “Make-Good” schedule, which is generally prepared on behalf of the landlord, will identify breaches of obligations that have occurred during a lease relating to matters such as:

  • repair
  • decoration
  • reinstatement of alterations
  • breaches of statute, and
  • other specific requirements.

Our office can be engaged at various stages of the lease for the preparation of Interim, Terminal and Final “Make-Good” schedules.

Interim In
Interim Make-Good Schedule is an assessment of the building to ascertain breaches during the lease term which, if left unattended, could result in significant and escalated deterioration of the asset.

Prepared towards the end of the lease to initiate negotiations between the landlord and surveyor’s appointed surveyor.

Upon expiration of the lease an assessment will be made to establish the extent of make-good work required. The schedule will generally be costed.

We can also be engaged by a tenant to defend a “Make-Good” schedule and negotiate with the landlord’s surveyor to achieve settlement of the claim.

Upon lease expiry The Property Inspectors can either be engaged to perform rectification works for the landlord, or coordinate and oversee the rectification works on behalf of the landlord to ensure the property is available for re-letting with minimum delay.

NB The pro-rata rate for any m2 over and above 300m2 under this cost option is as follows.

Non-Urgent – $1.83 + GST per m2

RRP – $2.50 + GST per m2

Urgent – $3.16 + GST per m2

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