Defects Report (at completion of works) 1 – 10 Defects

If you’re building a new home or renovating an existing property chances are you have more questions than answers. What does your contract mean? Do you know what you are paying for? Does the construction meet building code? Are you paying for works that haven’t been completed?

Our stage inspections can reduce the risk and put you back in control of your building project. Our expert building consultants will help you at every stage, from contract negotiations through to final handover and payment.

Our stage inspections includes:

Review of building contract documents

  • Independent review of building contract, specification and drawings prepared by the builder prior to signing to highlight inconsistencies or possible issues
  • Assistance negotiating with your builder prior to contract finalisation
  • A brief report and any recommended works

Pre-Handover inspection / defect report ( Practical Completion Stage )

  • Inspection of the property focusing on the quality of work, state of completion and compliance with contract documents.
  • A brief report and any recommended works
  • Set in Place a Time line for the repairs and make good tasks
  • We will generate a list of certificates and warranty documents required by the contractor prior to Practical completion certificate being released
  • Dot all the i’s and Cross all the t’s


Please download our sample report for further details

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