Expert Witness Report 1 – 10 Defects


What are they?
A building expert witness report is a Quality Control inspection on works in progress or completed works performed by a Builder/Contractor.

We will inspect and determine whether the built form complies with:
• Australian Standards (AS)
• Building Code of Australia (BCA)
• National Construction Code (NCC)
• Department Of Fair Trading Standards & Tolerances Guidelines (DFT)

Our reports have each defect outlined as follows:
Defect No | Defect location | Defect Description | Statutory Compliance | Scope Of Works | Photo of defect

Our reports are prepared in accordance to the format compliant within NCAT & Local/District courts.

Why Are they needed?

An expert witness report is a document prepared to commence legal proceeding with NCAT or Local Court.
The report is prepared for the consideration of the consumer/builder/solicitor prior to their submission to court and their opposing party.
The report is to be used by our client and/or their solicitor, together with the member within NCAT or a judge at the local or District Court rooms as a 3rd party independent report on the building matters within the case.
Once our expert witness report is produced, a Scott Schedule can be generated to form the basis of a monetary claim against the builder or in defence of a claim brought to you by the consumer.

We have the following specialists employed within this office:

Structural & Hydraulic Engineers
Qualified Builders
Qualified Carpenters
Pest Consultants

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